Friday March 10th - Alan Barnes Quartet





At Hanley Castle High School at 8 p.m. Tickets £14 (Members £11)

Alan Barnes, alto sax, brings together a quartet to feature music from his recently recorded CD 'One for Moll', named after his daughter Molly. As Alan says, 'Quartet playing is a little harder (than playing with another horn in the front line), there is considerably more pressure on the soloist to shine, pace the proceedings and have enough to say.

Interaction with the rhythm section is always important in any situation but becomes crucial in a quartet. The more sensitive, swinging and inspired the rhythm section, the more chance you have of coming up with something'. For the album Alan selected an exciting combination that hadn't played together before. (This included drummer Mark Taylor who played on Alan's first quartet album in 1987 and since then has made his home in New York, but unavailable for this concert). With Alan for this concert as the CD are Barry Green piano, 'I've played a few times with Barry in duo settings so knew how good a musician he was, Barry is a real improviser not a regurgitator of learnt licks, his playing is never predictable', Adam King, bass, 'a relative newcomer but has all the attributes of a fine player with great time and is an impressive soloist', Matt Home, drums, graduate of Leeds College of Music, moved to London in 1999 and plays with all the UK's leading musicians including a ten year association with the Nigel Price Organ Trio.