So Festival 33 is over and will become a lovely memory. The sun shone all weekend. We felt welcome Back in Town. When we make such a big change it takes a bit of getting used to, but with a committed team, a great bunch of stewards and help from Best of Young Jazz, from Lyn and her First Aid team, all of Marks’ operations helpers, Charlie and the security guys, and Steve Safety we came through by the end. And of course there was the music – a successful Fringe with opera rock ’n roll and blues and not a little fine jazz. Maintaining our traditions with the Church Service and Parade too. And last but far from least, the main event…thanks to Rachel for festival favourites Mama Shakers, for the crowd pulling Roadkill, the effervescent Jazz Connection and many many others. Please let us know your festival highlights.

We encourage feedback via the website and all opinions and suggestions will be reflected upon. If anyone feels they can help take the festival forward (whether that’s with leadership, treasury or as a team worker) drop us a line and we will have a conversation. But for the time being, thank you all for playing, coming along, singing, dancing, applauding, enjoying and helping.

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